Thursday, 20 November 2008

GET TO KNOW Premiere !

W W Word !

Hyped ! Finally got a spot confirmed for the premiere with the help from my good friend Dave Elder. He's a BADMAN and puts on alot of dope events in MK.

It's gonna take place at the SNO!bar @ the Xscape in Central Milton Keynes. Shit kicks off at 9PM.
We got a pretty big space down stairs that's going to be all sectioned off for the event. There's gonna be some bangin' DJs through out the night, we got some Hip Hop, some reggae and I guess some d&b will be floatin' about too. The bar is only open until midnight, a bit later would have been ideal, but it's still all bless.
Oh yea and the whole things free too, don't need no tickets or none o' dat wackness.

Yea, so show some love ! Even if you don't wanna stay for the whole thing (even though you should) jus' come and watch the flick then do one... if you wanna be a fass about it.

There's some wack online flyer type thing I tried to do, as you can no doubt tell, graphic design really ain't my bag.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

GET TO KNOW - 3 minute Promo

Dang it,
I'm a bit late with this here up date, but fuck it. Better late than never init...?
So, below is a 3 minute promo for Get To Know. Have a little look see, if your feeling it post it about on your facebook and all that sortsa shit. That would really help. the more people that see all this shit the better.
Pretty hyped, Ben at sidewalk busted the promo on the main page within a few hours of it being uploaded. That probably don't mean shit to alot of people but I was buzzin', so fuck you. Witness init.

So far I've only uploaded it to youtube and Mpora, i'll try and sling it on Blip soon so you can check it in beautiful quicktime.