Tuesday, 20 May 2008

For You Stig Loons

Whadidis !
I started the tedious process of uploading shit to the TUBE and will sort the Mpora when I'm up to date on the tube flex.
So here's Joe's most recent clip. I won't be embedding them all to each blog in future I carry on doing it as I have, only I'll add the youtube link at the bottom of each blog or something like that.

Joe Blogs

I'm think im pretty much over this whole thing now.
I've discovered that the website/design jobby really is alot harder than I thought. So, thats virtually non existant and probably will be for a long while yet. Seriously Iv'e made no progress wit that shit at all.
Recently, when I been seeing dudes on the block there all chattin' like "oh, yo man, some of them clips won't load or play properly!" Fuck man, I'm no Bill Gates, I check that shit on my ting after I publish it and it works for me, so I dunno whassup wit your cave man ass windows 95 shit. I guess I'm gonna have to upload all them shits to YouTube and/or Mpora (Mpora seems super shit quality to me though) now too. I'll still rep that QT flex for those who are down for watching shit in better quality.
OK rant over.

Firstly Ill just let dudes know if they didn't already. Joe left for Japan yesterday with bare Bletch Fam! Look Out Japan Nobies is in the endz. He's gonna be out there for like 9 weeks, So this here Joe Blogs might get real shitty if I run out of shit to put up. Hopefully that won't happen thought init.
This is the last thing I filmed of him, think I was late last summer. Jusaquickting !
Oh yea peep the lame transition too, somewack page peel thing. Bare Woop.

I'll be back later with the YouTube link aight, kinda strapped for time at the moment, get me.

Friday, 16 May 2008

When You Should Really Laugh...

Oh Shit Kid,
Ok, I'm tryin' to step up my bloggin' game here. Gonna really try and get a new clip up every other day at least... Even though theres probably only about ten of you that actually visit this blog breeze.

This Joesph Firtzl of a hardflip was late last summer. It started off so well Troy was all happy, buzzin and shit. Then someones like "Troy, get the hardflips out init". To be fair he got mad close to making, but who wants to watch someone get close init. Anyways, this is a pretty filth stack. Troy takes a facial only to be followed a crack to the dome.
I know this probably cained but at the time jus couldn't stop laughing. my bad Troy.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Late Joe Blogs

Word Bitches,
Yo my bad, this shit is well overdue. I normally aim to get the Joe Blog down every Tuesday, So I know this shit is hella OK.
Heres a lil of audio visual for ya peepers. I'll be back tonight to put a few more clips and ting, Cos I know I'm getting a tad slack with this shit already.
This is a little snippet from a tour that we went on in 06 I think. I suppose this one is debatable as to weather or not it really qualifies to be a Joe Blog. Fuck It, Joes in it and made me crease.
Hopefully Marc won't be too pissed at me for showing this to the wolrd... After all worst shit happened to him recently. Haha is all jokes Marc mate.

Also this clips now open in a new window, after I was advised this is a bit more user friendly. Let mr know what you think... If you can really be bothered

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Don't Call It A Come Back

Woddup Haters?
Spent the majority of yesterday at the station, ya know the usual drill. Got down on the early bird flex (well 12 is pretty early for me) wit Nore. Shortly after we got there, Ark and Rob Selley aka Bobby G graced us with there presence. Followed quickly by Theatre Dan and the man with one name... Tim.
For those who aren't aware G had mad surgery on his ankles a while back which put him out of the game for the best part of three years. So, now Gs back on the Skate Program, I thought it might be worth documenting via the frustrating comms devices known only as a Nokia N95. Trill Son !
Scope it, First go shit !

In the words of LL CooL J
" Don't call it a come back, I been here for years... "

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Joe Blogs

Hot Damn !
My bad players,
cutting it kinda fine wit this weeks Joe Blogs. Ya'll know the weathers been crazy good lately, So I been skating wit the fam, HECKA GOOD. Therefore, faffing about with this BS is gonna have to take a back seat, ya feel me? No Homo.
This shit is pretty old now as are most of the clips I seem to be blogging... still pretty dope tho. Next week I'll try and dig out some of Joe's more funny stuff (well funny to me at least).
Peep The Sean Smith cameo too.