Thursday, 20 November 2008

GET TO KNOW Premiere !

W W Word !

Hyped ! Finally got a spot confirmed for the premiere with the help from my good friend Dave Elder. He's a BADMAN and puts on alot of dope events in MK.

It's gonna take place at the SNO!bar @ the Xscape in Central Milton Keynes. Shit kicks off at 9PM.
We got a pretty big space down stairs that's going to be all sectioned off for the event. There's gonna be some bangin' DJs through out the night, we got some Hip Hop, some reggae and I guess some d&b will be floatin' about too. The bar is only open until midnight, a bit later would have been ideal, but it's still all bless.
Oh yea and the whole things free too, don't need no tickets or none o' dat wackness.

Yea, so show some love ! Even if you don't wanna stay for the whole thing (even though you should) jus' come and watch the flick then do one... if you wanna be a fass about it.

There's some wack online flyer type thing I tried to do, as you can no doubt tell, graphic design really ain't my bag.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

GET TO KNOW - 3 minute Promo

Dang it,
I'm a bit late with this here up date, but fuck it. Better late than never init...?
So, below is a 3 minute promo for Get To Know. Have a little look see, if your feeling it post it about on your facebook and all that sortsa shit. That would really help. the more people that see all this shit the better.
Pretty hyped, Ben at sidewalk busted the promo on the main page within a few hours of it being uploaded. That probably don't mean shit to alot of people but I was buzzin', so fuck you. Witness init.

So far I've only uploaded it to youtube and Mpora, i'll try and sling it on Blip soon so you can check it in beautiful quicktime.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peepy Pleasures!!!!!!

Right, We're do I begin ?,
We woke up around 11am and scrubbed our danky balls. Me and A.P went to the bakery where I got a P.H.A.T baguette and a sugar coated chocolate stick which is just like my dick.
After that we headed off in search of a spot known only as the 'Beer Banks". We searched for the spot for about 2 hours and then wondered into a metro station and got train from back to the original station we first got off. Eventually, We bumped into a park warden who couldn't speak a word of English. Somehow, he still manage to point us in the right direction. It turned out the spot was only a 5 minute walk from the original stop we got off !
We had a splendid session and then I ate shit doing a tailslide. I bruised my palm and grazed my ankle. God was not with me, so I have found a new faith in Lucifer. After about an hour session Carter noticed another spot just next to us. It was a drained out fountain with amazing mellow banks around the outside of it. We had a good session there for quite a while, then eventually headed back to the apartment for a little R+R.
Later, went back out and got a nice Pizza each... we also headed to the PEEPSHOW!!! I somehow managed AP to have a little look as well? As many know I have a keen likeing for spanish women. I went in and saw some premium latino gal dem! Full tits, a nice minge and 'back of' to die for, this drove my balls insane!
After that excitement we headed back to the apartment where we had some hashish Yes ? It turned out to be kinda low grade product. So, after that we all headed off for some much needed sleepy time. I dreamt that "We could switch, make your gal my gal." "Make Chantelle Michelle!"

Peace out suckas!

Here some pics and lil video from the day in question.

Carter gets his art fag on.

'Beers Banks' and A.P trying to levetate David Blaine styles.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

When it rains, It Poors...

Yea Blud,
OK so Noz, Carter and A.P arrived in Barcelona yesterday. Not much skating went day as it rained the alot. Got a little sesh in at Parel-lel before ducking the rain for the day.
The apartment they're staying is pretty much the perfect location, being literaly 1 min walk from the infamous MACBA.
However, as plush and well located as the apartment is,... they got mother fucking Roaches yo !

That's all I got for ya this time. A few bits below for your peepers and hopefully some more 2mora.

Nozza and A.P ltd ed. airport boredom graphics cooming soon.

Not hyped on this shit !

Nozza is convinced Carter is Prince Caspian from them Chronicles of Narnia shits.

In the words of Tony Montana "fuckin' cackroach"

Nozza trying to seal those bastad roaches out...No, it didn't work.

Aight Peace, Check back tomorrow.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Get To Flippn' Know

Word ?!
Aight, So I sent the relevant bits and pieces to Sidewalk a couple of weeks ago and still no dice. I got in touch with Ben (sidewalk) and he said he was on it, just got other shit to do first cos he's got deadlines and shit for the next mag... Which is fair play for sho.
Thus, I'm gonna blam the teaser on here and various other online joints. Here it Won't get nearly as many looks as it would being on the Sidewalk site but it will do for the time being.

The muddafuckinlowdown
So the vid is going to be called 'Get To Know' and is gonna be a Milton Keynes crew (you know which one son !)/scene video.
It's gonna be out online for free download on 28Dec. Hopefully gonna be a premiere in the new Blueprint bar next to the Buszy around mid December. Should be gully !

So far we're lookin' like footy from ;
Joe Nobes, Troy Wilding, Paul Norris, Carter Hewlett, Sean Smith, Jay Bancroft.
Possibly some snazzy joint sections in there too, Is a bit early to say who yet though.

Also gonna have footy of all manor of MK heads John Doe, Josh Lock, Marc Rollinsons As well as bangers from Leo Smith, Jody Smith, Lucien Clarke, Dave Snaddon and bare more still.

Scope the 'Teaser' below, keep your eyes peeled for a 3min Get To Know 'Promo' at the end of October.

If your down for this video help a brother out. Copy and paste the links below into a myspace bulletin or something like that. I'd be hyped, thanks

Monday, 22 September 2008

Antique Footage Awaits

Aight so, I sent that shit to sidewalk for the hook and it's not up yet, My bad for that. Dunno whas gwannin there, guess Ben's jus' mad busy...Or he watched and was like "well that was shit, I aint fuckin wit that".
Maybe I'll holla in the next day or so and see wahblow.

So, in a desperate attempt to keep you checkin this weak ass blog I served up this vintage clip for ya peepers.
Firstly - I'm not responsible for the filming, the Uber and wobbley vig, the bad audio, poor colours and everything else.
Secondly - I sure as fuck aint responsible for Jays Noughty By Nature jeans that appear to be on some high rise shit.
Thirdly - I'm sure it's a tripple FLIP not a triple SET.
Props though Jay, tripple flips when triple flips wern't even IN

P.S Youtube link at the bottom for all you cavemen who can't fathom a quicktime movie.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Get To Know

Woddup ?
Ok so the first teaser for the new video is finally done.
The video is called 'Get To Know' and will be available to download for free on December 28.
I just sent all the details and the teaser over to sidewalk so that should hopefully be on there in the next few days.

I'll blam the quicktime link on here in the next day or two. So, either keep checking back here or keep checking here.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's A Long Ting...

Holy shit fam,
Been more than four months since my last post. To be honest though, I don't give a D ! Summer was ill, so I was doing more important shit init.
Anyhow, we got a new video hopefully droppng in december (more info in the next post). So, I thought I'd utilize this here blog to keep dudes up to date on the vid and that sortsa shit... 'Cos on the realz, I seriously am never gonna figure out that web design bullshit. So, make do with this blog, bitch!

I'll post some new shit in the next couple of days, so holla back.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

For You Stig Loons

Whadidis !
I started the tedious process of uploading shit to the TUBE and will sort the Mpora when I'm up to date on the tube flex.
So here's Joe's most recent clip. I won't be embedding them all to each blog in future I carry on doing it as I have, only I'll add the youtube link at the bottom of each blog or something like that.

Joe Blogs

I'm think im pretty much over this whole thing now.
I've discovered that the website/design jobby really is alot harder than I thought. So, thats virtually non existant and probably will be for a long while yet. Seriously Iv'e made no progress wit that shit at all.
Recently, when I been seeing dudes on the block there all chattin' like "oh, yo man, some of them clips won't load or play properly!" Fuck man, I'm no Bill Gates, I check that shit on my ting after I publish it and it works for me, so I dunno whassup wit your cave man ass windows 95 shit. I guess I'm gonna have to upload all them shits to YouTube and/or Mpora (Mpora seems super shit quality to me though) now too. I'll still rep that QT flex for those who are down for watching shit in better quality.
OK rant over.

Firstly Ill just let dudes know if they didn't already. Joe left for Japan yesterday with bare Bletch Fam! Look Out Japan Nobies is in the endz. He's gonna be out there for like 9 weeks, So this here Joe Blogs might get real shitty if I run out of shit to put up. Hopefully that won't happen thought init.
This is the last thing I filmed of him, think I was late last summer. Jusaquickting !
Oh yea peep the lame transition too, somewack page peel thing. Bare Woop.

I'll be back later with the YouTube link aight, kinda strapped for time at the moment, get me.

Friday, 16 May 2008

When You Should Really Laugh...

Oh Shit Kid,
Ok, I'm tryin' to step up my bloggin' game here. Gonna really try and get a new clip up every other day at least... Even though theres probably only about ten of you that actually visit this blog breeze.

This Joesph Firtzl of a hardflip was late last summer. It started off so well Troy was all happy, buzzin and shit. Then someones like "Troy, get the hardflips out init". To be fair he got mad close to making, but who wants to watch someone get close init. Anyways, this is a pretty filth stack. Troy takes a facial only to be followed a crack to the dome.
I know this probably cained but at the time jus couldn't stop laughing. my bad Troy.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Late Joe Blogs

Word Bitches,
Yo my bad, this shit is well overdue. I normally aim to get the Joe Blog down every Tuesday, So I know this shit is hella OK.
Heres a lil of audio visual for ya peepers. I'll be back tonight to put a few more clips and ting, Cos I know I'm getting a tad slack with this shit already.
This is a little snippet from a tour that we went on in 06 I think. I suppose this one is debatable as to weather or not it really qualifies to be a Joe Blog. Fuck It, Joes in it and made me crease.
Hopefully Marc won't be too pissed at me for showing this to the wolrd... After all worst shit happened to him recently. Haha is all jokes Marc mate.

Also this clips now open in a new window, after I was advised this is a bit more user friendly. Let mr know what you think... If you can really be bothered

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Don't Call It A Come Back

Woddup Haters?
Spent the majority of yesterday at the station, ya know the usual drill. Got down on the early bird flex (well 12 is pretty early for me) wit Nore. Shortly after we got there, Ark and Rob Selley aka Bobby G graced us with there presence. Followed quickly by Theatre Dan and the man with one name... Tim.
For those who aren't aware G had mad surgery on his ankles a while back which put him out of the game for the best part of three years. So, now Gs back on the Skate Program, I thought it might be worth documenting via the frustrating comms devices known only as a Nokia N95. Trill Son !
Scope it, First go shit !

In the words of LL CooL J
" Don't call it a come back, I been here for years... "

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Joe Blogs

Hot Damn !
My bad players,
cutting it kinda fine wit this weeks Joe Blogs. Ya'll know the weathers been crazy good lately, So I been skating wit the fam, HECKA GOOD. Therefore, faffing about with this BS is gonna have to take a back seat, ya feel me? No Homo.
This shit is pretty old now as are most of the clips I seem to be blogging... still pretty dope tho. Next week I'll try and dig out some of Joe's more funny stuff (well funny to me at least).
Peep The Sean Smith cameo too.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Two In One Day ?

Oh Snap! That's right kids I managed to muscle up another lil' doozy for ya. Recongnise ! Two substantial blogs in one day. Thats what's up !
The bad news is this clip is actually pretty lame. Pretty much just another 'Buszy Edit', which is why I geniusly named this one 'Buszy Edit Two'. It's all quite old now, most of the footage is like from Winter 06- Spring 07.
Again, with this one maybe turn your speakers down as the audio is pretty loud as well as shitty.

Joe Blogs

What up fam?
Got Joe's old kind of sponsor me tape this week. This is what I came up with for Joe for that 'Hook Me Up DVS' comp thing the first time round (didn't bother the following year). Nothing came of it unfortunately, nor the other two edits/ tapes I sent in of John 'Doe' and Jay Bancroft too. I'll no doubt blog them tapes on here too at some stage.

Oh yea, maybe turn your speakers down a tad before you play it. The audio is kinda loud for some reason. I edited this clip longs ago so I couldn't be bothered to try and sort it.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Hella Gangsta

Haven't really made too much progress with the site this week, been skating as the weather was mad good over the weekend init.

I'm afraid to say this is probably not the best blog today. However, It made me laugh quite a bit. Today's clip features the dude at the forefront of fashion innovation( although it has chilled out a tad now), Troy Wilding. I'm sure I filmed this probably about this time last year actually. The stack it's self isn't really what made me laugh. It's the steps out of it with a bit of a gangsta walk all Snoop Dogg-esque and shit... Oh maybe that was he's knee kinda giving way abit.

Check it, make sure you holla back tomorrow for the second instalment of 'Joe Blogs'. It'll make up for this one, cos it is kinda weak. Whatevs.

Friday, 25 April 2008

A Back Tail Bonanza

Got the basic layout of the website sorted now... well on paper at least, but thats better than nought I guess. Still got a hella long way to go though.

In the mean time, I muscled up this little doozy of a clip for ya. This was filmed late last summer I think. The day was mad hot, I was done skating as was everybody else. I think Sean broke his board or some shit so he skated Brownie's haynous board instead.
Sean blammed this out in about 10 minutes on someone else's board and the last trick was fisrt go.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Joe Blogs

After rooting through the seemingly endless supply of footage recently, I discovered I had shit loads of Joe Nobes footage. Seriously, theres is so much footy of the guy. Some of it mad good skating, some of it him getting merked trying back threes down stairs and some of it just Joe being Joe. Seeing as there so much of the shit I've decided I'm going to try and make a weekly thing of it, titled "Joe Blogs". See what I did there!?

So for the 1st instalment peep this lil clip. This night was pretty lame to be honest. It was cold, late and windy as fuck. Really not worth filming let alone getting the genny out. Joe never actually made the switch heel mani but it's funny as fuck watching him try. Next time init Joe...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Two Reasons...

After discovering how difficult it is to create a website that doesn't look like a pile shit I decided a blog would be the next best thing until I figure out this web design jive.
I by no means live the most exciting life but for some reason I thought making a blog and telling/ showing people what mundane shit I been getting up to recently would be a good idea.
So, when I get this website breeze figured out theres gonna be bare footage and photos and what not of all the EGC fam and probably some other lurkers I guess.

Here's a the URL for the site I dont yet know how to build.

So to wet your whistle scope this clip of Apes from last summer. Dunno how he managed to stay on this one. Feeling the weird glitch at the end too.