Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Two In One Day ?

Oh Snap! That's right kids I managed to muscle up another lil' doozy for ya. Recongnise ! Two substantial blogs in one day. Thats what's up !
The bad news is this clip is actually pretty lame. Pretty much just another 'Buszy Edit', which is why I geniusly named this one 'Buszy Edit Two'. It's all quite old now, most of the footage is like from Winter 06- Spring 07.
Again, with this one maybe turn your speakers down as the audio is pretty loud as well as shitty.

Joe Blogs

What up fam?
Got Joe's old kind of sponsor me tape this week. This is what I came up with for Joe for that 'Hook Me Up DVS' comp thing the first time round (didn't bother the following year). Nothing came of it unfortunately, nor the other two edits/ tapes I sent in of John 'Doe' and Jay Bancroft too. I'll no doubt blog them tapes on here too at some stage.

Oh yea, maybe turn your speakers down a tad before you play it. The audio is kinda loud for some reason. I edited this clip longs ago so I couldn't be bothered to try and sort it.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Hella Gangsta

Haven't really made too much progress with the site this week, been skating as the weather was mad good over the weekend init.

I'm afraid to say this is probably not the best blog today. However, It made me laugh quite a bit. Today's clip features the dude at the forefront of fashion innovation( although it has chilled out a tad now), Troy Wilding. I'm sure I filmed this probably about this time last year actually. The stack it's self isn't really what made me laugh. It's the steps out of it with a bit of a gangsta walk all Snoop Dogg-esque and shit... Oh maybe that was he's knee kinda giving way abit.

Check it, make sure you holla back tomorrow for the second instalment of 'Joe Blogs'. It'll make up for this one, cos it is kinda weak. Whatevs.

Friday, 25 April 2008

A Back Tail Bonanza

Got the basic layout of the website sorted now... well on paper at least, but thats better than nought I guess. Still got a hella long way to go though.

In the mean time, I muscled up this little doozy of a clip for ya. This was filmed late last summer I think. The day was mad hot, I was done skating as was everybody else. I think Sean broke his board or some shit so he skated Brownie's haynous board instead.
Sean blammed this out in about 10 minutes on someone else's board and the last trick was fisrt go.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Joe Blogs

After rooting through the seemingly endless supply of footage recently, I discovered I had shit loads of Joe Nobes footage. Seriously, theres is so much footy of the guy. Some of it mad good skating, some of it him getting merked trying back threes down stairs and some of it just Joe being Joe. Seeing as there so much of the shit I've decided I'm going to try and make a weekly thing of it, titled "Joe Blogs". See what I did there!?

So for the 1st instalment peep this lil clip. This night was pretty lame to be honest. It was cold, late and windy as fuck. Really not worth filming let alone getting the genny out. Joe never actually made the switch heel mani but it's funny as fuck watching him try. Next time init Joe...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Two Reasons...

After discovering how difficult it is to create a website that doesn't look like a pile shit I decided a blog would be the next best thing until I figure out this web design jive.
I by no means live the most exciting life but for some reason I thought making a blog and telling/ showing people what mundane shit I been getting up to recently would be a good idea.
So, when I get this website breeze figured out theres gonna be bare footage and photos and what not of all the EGC fam and probably some other lurkers I guess.

Here's a the URL for the site I dont yet know how to build.

So to wet your whistle scope this clip of Apes from last summer. Dunno how he managed to stay on this one. Feeling the weird glitch at the end too.