Monday, 22 September 2008

Antique Footage Awaits

Aight so, I sent that shit to sidewalk for the hook and it's not up yet, My bad for that. Dunno whas gwannin there, guess Ben's jus' mad busy...Or he watched and was like "well that was shit, I aint fuckin wit that".
Maybe I'll holla in the next day or so and see wahblow.

So, in a desperate attempt to keep you checkin this weak ass blog I served up this vintage clip for ya peepers.
Firstly - I'm not responsible for the filming, the Uber and wobbley vig, the bad audio, poor colours and everything else.
Secondly - I sure as fuck aint responsible for Jays Noughty By Nature jeans that appear to be on some high rise shit.
Thirdly - I'm sure it's a tripple FLIP not a triple SET.
Props though Jay, tripple flips when triple flips wern't even IN

P.S Youtube link at the bottom for all you cavemen who can't fathom a quicktime movie.

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