Monday, 29 September 2008

Get To Flippn' Know

Word ?!
Aight, So I sent the relevant bits and pieces to Sidewalk a couple of weeks ago and still no dice. I got in touch with Ben (sidewalk) and he said he was on it, just got other shit to do first cos he's got deadlines and shit for the next mag... Which is fair play for sho.
Thus, I'm gonna blam the teaser on here and various other online joints. Here it Won't get nearly as many looks as it would being on the Sidewalk site but it will do for the time being.

The muddafuckinlowdown
So the vid is going to be called 'Get To Know' and is gonna be a Milton Keynes crew (you know which one son !)/scene video.
It's gonna be out online for free download on 28Dec. Hopefully gonna be a premiere in the new Blueprint bar next to the Buszy around mid December. Should be gully !

So far we're lookin' like footy from ;
Joe Nobes, Troy Wilding, Paul Norris, Carter Hewlett, Sean Smith, Jay Bancroft.
Possibly some snazzy joint sections in there too, Is a bit early to say who yet though.

Also gonna have footy of all manor of MK heads John Doe, Josh Lock, Marc Rollinsons As well as bangers from Leo Smith, Jody Smith, Lucien Clarke, Dave Snaddon and bare more still.

Scope the 'Teaser' below, keep your eyes peeled for a 3min Get To Know 'Promo' at the end of October.

If your down for this video help a brother out. Copy and paste the links below into a myspace bulletin or something like that. I'd be hyped, thanks

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